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Jennie R - 01 June 2015

It`s been a while since I was on here but I wanted to share some exciting news as an ex pupil and work experience student. I start University of Dundee in September where I will be training to be an adult nurse. . . . . . And it doesn`t seem like yesterday since I was at Edwin Street!

Great news, Jennie, congratulations! I am delighted for you and will share the news with the rest of the staff.JJ

Ronnie Coe Photgrapher - 12 November 2014

Another nice visit to your school always a pleasure

Abbey - 22 July 2014

hi miss its abbey wallace i will be back to see you i miss you all

Hi Abbey - good to hear from you - we hope you have been enjoying JCSC. Have a lovely summer holiday.

Amy - 27 October 2013

Hi mrs Jenkins how is my brother behaving because he doesnt behave very well at home! Missing you and all of the other teachers and i hope to see you soon

Hello Amy I`m pleased to say that your brother is a good boy at school - sorry that doesnt happen at home! Hope you enjoyed the party the other night. Mrs J

Amy n - 25 August 2013

Hi mrs Jenkins do you remember me I miss you and all the teachers I am going into year 7 and doing very well I will keep sending messages telling you how I am doing in the future

That si great news Amy - keep it up. Mrs J

erin - 20 July 2013

Hi Mrs Jenkins how`s you_ I`m great. First school had some great memories that I can remember!

Glad you have good memories of us, Erin. Hope you are doing well now. JJ

Holly - 14 July 2013

I really miss everyone at amble first school I wish we didn`t have to leave that school. Middle school is great Im in year 7 now nearly year 8.

I do understand Holly - but we are only a little school. .. imagine what it would be like if no-one moved on - 105 years worth of leavers who didn`t go!

Megan H - 13 July 2013

I will hopefully see you all soon!!! I will come and see you some day. See you soon Mrs J :) ♥:) ;) :D

That would be good Megan.

Megan H - 13 July 2013

Hi its Megan h. I miss you soo much and all of the teachers as well. Year 7 is great. I look forward to seeing the year 4`s coming up to year 5. P.s can you tell Mr shanks I miss him.

Hello Megan. I will pass your message to Mr Shanks - he will be very pleased. Take care. JJ

Beth Keen - 07 March 2013

dont think you will, but do you remeber me_ Im now in my second year of high school, you taught me 5-6 years ago. Hope you do i miss first school a lot x

Of course we remember you Beth - it`s great to hear from you. Take care and work hard! JJ